Drew + Missy // Virginia Beach Engagement Session

Also featured in Tidewater & Tulle here!

Drew + Missy have been long distance the majority of their relationship. They met in middle school (I know, too cute) but didn't start dating until just before high school ended. They're both from Texas and Drew is in the military stationed here in Virginia. Missy flew out for the week to spend some time with Drew and we managed to get a gorgeous day for their engagement session! The wind was a little strong and it was much chillier out than these sun kissed photos appear, but Missy and Drew were so excited to just be together that they ignored the cold. We started the session by hanging out in an interesting wooden fort along a path in the woods. Drew and Missy said that playing Uno is their thing when they see each other, they even have a little scrap piece of paper on Missy's fridge at home with a tally of wins and losses. There is much debate about who the all-around winner is, but this day in particular Drew was the victor. We wandered around admiring the gorgeous marshland while the couple shared visions of their future and revisited warm moments of their relationship. Missy recounted their engagement story and it sounded just like a rom-com script. Drew took Missy to the restaurant where they had their first date, The Pearl in San Antonio, TX. Normally cool and collected, drew was sweating bullets that night and Missy noticed. He was acting so out of character in fact that she was worried he was going to break up with her that night! At the end of the session, the weather had really taken a turn for the worse. Dark clouds were moving in, the temperature dropped, and the wind picked up to a steady roar. I am an adventure photographer and I often attract adventurous couples. These two were no different! Despite the change in weather, they took a little dip in the water just before our session ended.