Documentary Wedding + Elopement Photography For The Non-Traditional Couple

Celebrating your day your way.

What matters most

Hey there! I’m Brittany. I love being a photographer, I really do. It’s not for the reason you might think, though. I love being a photographer because it brings me right up close to the most beautiful moments life has to offer. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is absolutely true. It is astonishing to me how one image can tell a story so clearly, drenched in emotion and colored by memories. The moments matter most. The photographs are really secondary. They’re a way to physically hold onto that moment a little longer. Photographs are little time machines. They transport you back to the overwhelming love you felt while tearfully exchanging your vows. You can smell the pine trees, hear the wind whip around the mountain tops, and feel the gentle tapping of rain drops on your cheeks again. You’re there.

I would be honored to help you hold onto all those important moments. For me, documenting a wedding or an elopement is all about making sure my couples have time. Time to be present and center themselves around what matters most that day: each other. Time to love on their family members. Time to enjoy the awesome food they so carefully chose! In making your experience a priority, it opens up so much time to enjoy your day. The more carefree you can be, the better your photographs will be.

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